20 Unusual Uses for Coffee

Coffee is a hot commodity that many people enjoy each morning. It gives them the boost of energy they need to get them through the day.  There are so many flavors and options out there that meet the needs of everyone’s particular taste. Not only does coffee help energize you; it can also be used for some other interesting everyday tasks.

  1. Cleanse your palate – Coffee beans are known to cleanse your palate (olfactory) when smelling things such as a few different perfumes. You may see them on a perfume counter in a store. The strong odor of coffee beans wakes up different areas in your olfactory, allowing you to smell the next sent more clearly.

  2. Compost – Used coffee grounds can be mixed with lye to make a composting agent. You can even use the coffee filter too.  Worms like to eat a bacterium that grows on the coffee ground, and although the grounds are a food source, it also helps the worms’ digestive system, allowing them to digest better.
  3. Meat Rub – Even though coffee is mainly found at the breakfast table, next time try to add a unique flavor to your dinner experience.  First, toast free coffee grinds under a broiler for about 30 seconds, but continuously shake them so they do not burn. Then, add the toasted coffee ground and other spices and rub them into the steak and leave in the fridge for a few hours to marinate.
  4. Refrigerator Deodorizer – Using coffee can help reduce refrigerator odors and the smell from food prep like onion, garlic, or other strong smelling food. You can put a handful or more of ground coffee into a sachet and leave it in the back of your refrigerator for a few days.  This will help absorb the strong odors and also leave behind an aroma of coffee.
  5. Fertilizer – Adding a small amount of coffee grounds to top soil, especially with plants such as roses or azaleas can be beneficial. Coffee is high in nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Putting a thin layer of coffee grounds on your topsoil will slowly release these minerals into the plants. However, keep in mind the pants that like acidic soil and ones that do not.
  6. Fabric Dye – Make a pot of coffee and completely immerse the fabric you desire into the pot. You will need something to weigh it down, so it stays soaking. Allow the fabric to dye for 24 hours or longer, then rinse and let it air dry. You will notice you are left with a browny, off-white color, giving the fabric an aged look. You can try different strengths of coffee and different amounts of time to achieve different colors.
  7. Wood Stain – Doing a DIY project that needs stain? Make a pot of coffee and place the grounds back into the pot, and then apply to untreated wood. The coffee will stain the wood a slightly darker stain, but it won’t stay that dark. However, leaving the coffee grinds directly on the wood will leave a darker stain.
  8. Paint – Artists have used coffee and tea as paint for years. Regular brewed coffee can be brushed onto cardstock paper and will dry a faded, brown color. If you keep repeating the process, you can build up your image and add depth to your painting.
  9. Insect Repellant – The strong scent that coffee exhibits is not one that insects and animals enjoy. It is said that mosquitoes, ants, slugs, etc. all dislike the acidity of coffee and will steer clear of any area where there is a high acidic concentration in the soil.
  10. Pet Repellant – If yours or your neighbor’s pets are making their way into your flowerbed, you can prevent this by sprinkling coffee grounds into the soil.  The coffee grinds emit a powerful odor that is very unpleasant for hyer-sensetive smelling felines. You can also mix coffee grinds with orange peels (or other citrus fruit) as well to keep the pets away.
  11. Air freshener – You can put the coffee bean scent wherever you like. You can fill up stockings with coffee grinds and hang them from places to give you that everlasting aroma.
  12. Cleaning Abrasive – Used coffee grinds can be used as a cleaning agent on your dirty pots or pans before they are washed by hand. The absorbent grinds are a great way to clean greasy pans and the small pieces of grinds can even help cleaning small spots of mess left over on any dishware.
  13. Facial Exfoliant – Since coffee grounds are rough and can scrub well, they can actually be used on the face as an exfoliant. They can be gently massaged in small amounts on your face. They are slightly rough, but not unpleasant. They will leave your skin feeling smooth and tingly with an aroma of coffee.
  14. Breath Freshener – Sucking on a whole roasted coffee bean can act as a way to spruce up your breath. Just pop in the whole bean and out the door you go!
  15. Reduces Cellulite – There are so many products on the market on how to reduce cellulite, and it is hard to decide which to use. However, look no further, you can use coffee!  It can help reduce the cellulite by making it into a scrub to use on those difficult dimpled places on your skin.
  16. Drain Cleaner – If your drain is emitting an odor, you can pour coffee grounds down the drain and then follow it with boiling water.  This will help get rid of any foul smelling odor.
  17. Hand Cleaner – If you are working in the kitchen chopping up onions or garlic, your hands might get a little smelly. To combat that issue, and rid your hands of those strong scents, coffee grounds will come to your rescue. Rub some coffee grounds in your hands, and it will absorb those smells, leaving you odorless.
  18. Hair Rinse – To cleanse your hair of any styling products or residue that might build up in your hair, you can massage coffee grounds into your hair before you shampoo. If you want to prevent your hair from shedding, you can also apply it after you shampoo or condition.
  19. Reduce Under Eye Puffiness –If you tend to get puffy around the eyes, you can use this natural way to help reduce that issue. Mix coffee grounds and water together to create a paste. Smear the paste under your eyes and leave for 15 minutes then rinse off.
  20. Fix Furniture Scratches – If you have some deep scratches in your furniture, especially wood pieces, you can use this to help make them disappear. Mix together the coffee grinds and water to create a paste, and then gently rub on the scratched surface.